Кибер часы

Cerber NCR Lock

Currently, criminals are increasingly being kidnapped money from ATMs using the so-called BlackBox (special equipment to control the dispenser at the hardware level).

In this type of attack used by the electronic device (smartphone, a microcomputer, and the like), which is placed inside ATM. To this end, criminals open the service part of the ATM and connect the blackbox to system bus of ATM. The service area is almost not controlled, as is used by service personnel for maintenance.

There are several options for BlackBox attacks. Consider a few real examples.

 1. Inside the NCR 5877 ATM in the service area is found illegally installed a mini-computer (Fig. 1). Mini-PC is connected to the service connector cable EPP keyboard and had a USB modem. Mini-computer is controled remotely via a USB modem. On the mini-computer installed the software and driver for NCR ATMs. Mini computer via SDC-bus allows to send direct commands to the issuance of cash dispensers.



                                                                                                              Fig. 1

  2. Near EPP drilled hole (Fig. 2, 3), then the thief connects to the bus from EPP keyboard (Fig. 4) and can control dispenser.


Fig. 2


Fig. 3 


                                                                                              Fig. 4

The company "ANSER PRO" has developed a safety device «Cerber NCRLock», which will protect the ATM dispenser from BlackBox attacks. «Cerber NCRLock» compatible with ATM series NCR Persona, NCR SelfServ, as well as any ATM in which the dispenser is connected via USB. «Cerber NCRLock» monitors the integrity of the electrical connections in the cable from the PC to the dispenser and blocks the dispenser. «Cerber NCRLock» for ATMs NCR Persona (Fig. 5) includes: the PC cable (1), the EPP cable (2), the dispenser cable (3) and a control unit (4).



Fig. 5

Option for USB dispensers (Fig. 6)


Fig. 6

The connector of protective device is installed in the gap between the ATM PC and the ATM dispenser. Control unit «Cerber Lock» is located in the safe of the ATM with the dispenser to prevent its detection and hacking. Installed «Cerber Lock» in case of unauthorized connection to the dispenser ATM  blocks the dispenser. To unlock the device, press the button unlock on the control unit «Cerber Lock». The device shows its status via LEDs (Red Led - dispenser is blocked, Green Led - normal work). The security device operates autonomously and does not require any modification of the ATM and install third-party software. 

Email for order and questions: info@answerpro.ru